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  • Allegro Piano Repair - Serving Metro Detroit

    Allegro offers expert piano repair and restoration for commercial and residential customers throughout Metro Detroit.

Your piano is a blend of many diverse and costly raw materials, including top quality woods, iron, steel, copper, brass, plastics, wool, cotton, and other fine materials that make up the delicate parts of your piano.  Over time, these parts become worn or broken and need the attention of an expert piano repair technician.

Piano Repair Procedures

A qualified piano repair technician will have the expertise and knowledge required to assess your piano's condition, identify the parts that need repair or replacing, and perform the proper adjustments needed to restore your piano back to its fullest potential. 

Our piano repair procedures consist of:

  • String replacement
  • Whippens repair
  • Replacing or adjusting back checks
  • Tuning or replacement of pins
  • Hammer replacement or repair
  • Key-top replacement
  • General touch-ups and refinishing

Piano Repair - How Often?

How often your piano needs repairing will vary from piano to piano, and owner to owner.  Older pianos typically are made of more organic material, therefore parts are more susceptible to deterioration.  Our expert piano technicians can perform a comprehensive evaluation of your piano to detect any parts that need servicing, and restore them.

Request A Piano Repair Appointment

Owner and operator of Allegro Piano Service, Dan Sullivan, is an expert piano repair technician serving clients throughout Metro Detroit for over 40 years. We look forward to serving all your piano repair needs, and being your piano repair experts for the life of your most cherished musical instrument. Contact us today for a quote and to schedule your piano repair appointment!

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Client Testimonials

  • We could not be happier with our piano services from Dan Sullivan. The piano we inherited from my grandmother is very dear to us. Dan provides more than just a tuning; he taught me how to care for it, and even took the time to show my 7 year old daughter how it works!

    Farmington, MI