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    Allegro provides expert, fully insured piano moving and storage for pianos of all sizes and types.


In order to transport a piano properly, many precautions must be followed to ensure it's moved without damage. In fact, moving a piano even the shortest distance can cause parts to move, in turn causing the piano to go out of tune.  If you have a piano that needs to be transported properly, don't rely on the every day moving companies to prep and move your piano.  It's in your best interest to hire a fully insured, expert piano moving service that knows how to properly prepare, transport, and tune your piano once it is moved to its final destination.

Piano Moving Procedures

A qualified piano moving expert will have precise knowledge of the different parts of your piano, and how delicately they must be handled throughout the moving process.  Allegro Piano Service is a fully insured piano moving specialist and can handle your piano moving from A to Z, offering packaging, transportation, and tuning, giving you peace of mind knowing that your upright or grand piano will be restored to its original condition once relocated. In addition to piano transportation, we can arrange climate-controlled storage for your piano!

Our piano moving procedure consists of:

  • Removing legs and lyre and package separately
  • Thoroughly pad and wrap the entire piano
  • Carefully load piano onto a specialty skid (dolly)
  • Fully secure piano in moving truck
  • Reassemble piano at location
  • Conduct thorough evaluation
  • Re-tune and general touch-ups if necessary

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Allegro Piano Service is a piano moving specialist that has over 40 years experience transporting pianos of all types and sizes for commercial and residential clients throughout Metro Detroit. We look forward to serving all your piano moving and storage needs, and being your piano transportation provider for the life of your most cherished musical instrument. Contact us today for a quote and to schedule your piano moving appointment!

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Client Testimonials

  • We could not be happier with our piano services from Dan Sullivan. The piano we inherited from my grandmother is very dear to us. Dan provides more than just a tuning; he taught me how to care for it, and even took the time to show my 7 year old daughter how it works!

    Farmington, MI